The Kid From Dallas
by Charlie Daniels

The kid came out of Dallas with a sly grin and a strat
A soulful way of talking and a flat crowned western hat
A guitar'd just start crying when the kid would bend a string
He loved Muddy Waters, T. Bone Walker and B. B. King
Some kids go for country and some for rock and roll
Some kids go for metal some for rap and some for soul
Some just jump from fad to fad and play whatever's new
But no matter what was going on, Stevie played the blues
Disco came and disco went and trends would rise and fall
But Stevie lived his guitar and stayed faithful through it all
Now I've seen some guitar pickers who could flat blow off the lid
But nobody else could do it like the kid from Dallas did
He could make you want to dance or make you want to fly
Or play so sad it'd bring a tear to an alligator's eye
He was not a very big man - didn't look much like a star
But he turned into a giant when he picked up that guitar
He could make it sigh and whisper, he could make it burn and soar
He could take you to some places where you've never been before
Oh, he was really something special and the world will not forget
that soulful kid from Dallas and that hot blue flame he lit
From one picker to another I sure love to hear you play
And I always will remember my little buddy Stevie Ray

The 1997 release, Blues Hat, by the Charlie Daniels Band, included this poem in the liner notes.