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“Import” CD Reviews

Stevie Ray Vaughan

As you know, these pages have not been online for some time now. Elenor Snow graciously asked me to host these pages on my web site.

Send me your review of any import/bootleg you've heard and I'll add it to the list.

Each reviewed title is linked to the track listings and venue information at Bob Willmot's site.

Please note -- the CD titles that aren't linked don't have any reviews (yet).

Note! I don't sell these and I don't need blanks.

If you want access to a large collection of SRV torrents, join Dimeadozen.

If you happen to have any SRV shows from dates that I don't yet have, we can arrange a trade. You can check out the dates I'm looking for on this page!

Here's the list of shows in my collection.

Page the word updated 2010.03.22

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  • Information on Buying Radio Shows
  • Steve Tony's information on the Soul to Soul Sessions

    with corrections, suggestions, and comments.

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